You’re Welcome

Hold all the thank yous.

Galileo Galilei, sorry, you had it wrong. I understand, because I was born so many years later and you could not have known. But here I am at the center of the universe.

Knowing we’re having a drought in California I knew it would be perfectly safe to make some major changes to our house that needed the storage of many items outside, exposed to the elements. Since the only element to consider right now is the sun, we were good to go.

Once all the shit stuff was outside and I’m in the middle of a huge chaos exchanging one room for another, rain! I rescued all the belongings that needed shelter and kept the rest outside. Probably did them a lot of good to wash the dust off a bit.

So, yes, of course it was going to rain, and you’re all welcome.

Since I find the pictures I could take of the big chaos very depressing, I’ll post some other photos of a phenomenon yesterday.

It’s a massive pyrocumulous cloud from the King Fire. Before I confuse you with describing that kind of cloud, I’ll send you over to wiki to read all about it. And I’ll share an impressive photo from the Wildland Firefighter Foundation taken from Lake Tahoe last night:


Today was a super exciting day because Toby is home for his two day r and r period and we got to go out for breakfast. Unfortunately he’s very sick with constant coughing, respiratory problems, and headache, all of which he shares with the rest of his crew.

No time for the weary, they’re back to some fire tomorrow.

As usual I took a picture of young and old man.