Clothing Dilemma

Is this how my trip to Germany is going to start? Worrying about what to bring and wondering if a shopping trip is in my near future?

My closet:

It’s a bit on the meager side. Especially when it comes to winter, like October and November in Germany. I do black t-shirts very well, and I do own two black long sleeve t-shirts. Do you think anyone minds frayed sleeves and neck on the long-sleeves?

And can you see the plaid shirt? Yes, long sleeve, from our son Toby, he’s ok parting with it.

How about pants? Well, I’m in trouble. One pair, and I don’t even like them. And I’m not sure if i can pull off PJ pants in Germany, too thin. I shouldn’t whine, I get to go to Europe!

And then, how about shoes, let’s change the subject.

Socks, I’m good on socks. As a knitter it would be a shame if I had no socks. And look, not one of them black.

Today is the official day I start on my adventure. Though it really started yesterday when I pulled the suitcase from the garage to let all the spiders escape that might have considered hibernating in it.

Tonight and on the weekend: a trip to a clothing store. Long overdue. I will post my loot soon.