I just developed my first pattern. I knit during the week, walk to the yarn store on Saturdays and rest on Sundays with potluck with friends and a couple of episodes of Carnivale.

While walking to the store I imagined that I could get more yarn and not feel guilty because, really, I’m burning calories, serious calories on the walk partially uphill. How this is related to buying guilt-free yarn still needs to be worked out. I’ll keep you posted.

The most exciting aspect of having children is that they turn out to do miraculous stuff you never dreamed of and you get to be proud of them. But the next best thing with these children is when they step in your foot steps.

My daughter lives in Denver, a couple of states over from our lovely California. Yesterday she announced that she will take up knitting again. I told her to refresh her memory with a scarf she started years ago in knit, and to refresh her purl method. Then I’ll help her with the hat she found on ravelry.

I was dancing around the house I was so happy. And today I picked up the perfect noro yarn for the project. The hat is for boyfriend and he likes green.


Needles are to match the project and I was very tempted to go with the much cheaper Hiya Hiya needles. But then could not resist the addi turbos, my favorite. I find the Hiya Hiya needles too light. I want a little substance but not super heavy. Everyone has their opinion on needles, I’m an addi girl woman and occasionally will consider wood or bamboo.

On to Ben Franklin where they had a wonderful but pricy Cascade Casablanca yarn. A good thing none of the colors called my name. Both stores I visited today did not carry poem from universal yarn. I would so like to fondle a skein or two. Yes, I’ve read queerjoe’s blog this morning.

For the rest of this day I will beat a pair of fingerless gloves for Stephen into submission. I did not get to bed until after 3 am this morning in sympathy with my lawyerly husband who was working on a deadline. But wee hours are no time for new patterns.

Here is the Dashing pattern at Knitty. Apparently there is trouble ahead with the thumb thingie. I was afraid to read the more detailed instructions, just charging ahead as usual.

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