The phone rings and the caller asks for me. Yes, speaking. K-designers here, remodeling, I’m all ears since we are on the do not call list. If you complain too early they hang up and you never get details so you can register a complaint. I engage in a little conversation. Who are you? How did you get my name? Did I sign up for something? My name is in your computer? Yeah, right.

I finally point out that we’re on the do not call list. And that I’m going to turn them in, ha. That’s when they tell me they are also associated with a non profit and therefore have a right to call me.

This is the slimiest maneuver I’ve ever heard of. They did not mention the non profit nor were they calling about the non profit. But by associating with a non profit they think they found a loop hole. If I ever had done business with them before or was planning to do business with them, this would absolutely kill it.

We did call them and complained, they weren’t even apologetic. Perhaps calling the non profit is in order.


More tomorrow, but a friend gifted me with yarn. Marvelous yarn, pictures tomorrow.

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