Sales and Socks and Shawls

Lately most days have been smokey around here, fires everywhere. When I was younger and invincible it did not matter what I was inhaling, but age has made me more careful and I use the gym for my exercise.

The location of the gym is dangerous at the worst times, but right now, we are in the best of times and resistance is futile. The gym is one block from our lys. Add to that: sale time! Our credit card is showing more wear, my stash has expanded, my mood is lifted, a post here unavoidable.

After making my selection of sale yarns, everything 50% off, she mentions that I took some yarn out of the $1 bins. $1 bins? Really? Just a moment please I’ll be right back. Sorry to all the folks that come after me, but I did leave you much more than I took.

A picture? Well, of course. Notice the addi circular lace needle in the one size I did not own, number 2. Yes, all is well worth the $38 I spent.


Spinning and knitting is still taking up most of my time. Times have been very difficult for me but I’m continuing to hang in there. Health has been fine, more or less, as can be expected, but things will never be the same. My life has changed after the massive heart attack, short death and bypass surgery. Every day as the one year anniversary creeps closer I’m dealing with trying to figure out this life and get back into synch. I have no words for what happened, at least not yet, but being out of synch works for now. Out of synch with my own life.

The only solace I have right now is the spinning and knitting. It was impossible for me to return to my old life of hosting parties and games and dancing and food. I’m missing all the ingredients to make that happen. And when I make it happen, it takes so much more than it used to and does not always work out. Sad for me is that nobody picked up my slack.

Happy news! Our son Toby just returned from the American fire for his mandatory 2 day rest period. My work for today: laundry.

Here is an exhausted and very dirty boy and a very happy dad:


Also finished since last post is an ashton shawlette made in silk for those allergic to wool.


The other yarn I would like to show off is one I will use in the dreambird shawl, perhaps. Still sitting on that one. I love the yarn so much I want to use it for everything.


In other news, I forgot how to sleep. Instead of keeping my bed mates awake all night, I got up and wound 870 yards of yarn, then started on a new shawl: Elizabeth. Bought on ravelry. Ravelry and knitty are the places I get patterns from. Spending hours there: planning and scheming.

Finally went to bed around 4 in the morning so today I am dragging a bit. Perhaps not the best time to work on a lace pattern. But with a frenzy in the last couple of days I’m also trying to overcome my second sock syndrome. I have 2 more socks to go and I might be caught up. A Elizabeth Zimmermann baby surprise jacket also done since last time here. Seaming is waiting. Did I mention I have a seam phobia? I have a sweater knit several years ago for myself that is languishing in a safe place waiting to be put together. Sigh….

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  1. All that yarn and goodies, you are lucky indeed. šŸ™‚
    Toby and Dad both looks very happy.
    And I love that colourful yarn, I am watching to see the end result, I am sure it is going to be stunning.

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