The Sand Mandala Lesson

This is not the first time I write about the Tibetan Buddhist tradition of creating colorful and fantastic sand mandalas only to destroy them afterwards to show the transitory nature of the material world.

Well, I thought I understood this lesson the first time around, so why did I have to destroy months of work? This is much bigger than the sand mandala that can be made in a few days. But I don’t want to quibble, a lesson is a lesson and supposedly good for me. Eventually I will understand, right?

This time at least it had nothing to do with knitting. That is coming along as splendidly as the summer heat allows. For reasons other than total insanity I’m knitting with acrylic yarn. Yes, plastic. And I’m not sure if the heat or the plastic are making my hands sweat, but that yarn clings to me like a leech. It does not slide across my fingers. A very yucky feeling. If I weren’t a yarn snob already, this would convert me. But stop, does the wool yarn slide in these temperatures?

For now enjoy a picture of crochet items that eventually will form a garland. No, I did not make them all, it was and still is a group project.



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