OCD Disguised?

If I would put my energy into other parts of my life like I do with knitting, I would be a smashing success.

Only a fellow knitter would understand the obsession patience it takes to find the right pattern for the next project. Ha, if only. Instead, hundreds of patterns are stashed in  Ravelry or in files on the computer. A search for the next pattern only ends up increasing the pattern stash. I’ve been there way too many times. And surprisingly, it’s just that, stash. Hardly ever looked at, wondering why it’s taking up space.

But the diligence with which patterns are collected and fiber stash increased is incomparable to anything I’ve ever experienced. I can only imagine that training for the Olympics or the World Cup would come close. But both lack the aspect of the hunt.

If you believe I only have to taste two more sock yarns and then will die happily, you are caught in my web. Heck, I’m caught in my web. And it’s a very sticky one.

The yarn opens up a whole other world of obsession passion. Three more yarns and I’ll die happy. Yes, we’ve heard that one before. Way too familiar. It’s not even that so many new companies emerge, there are already way too many out there. Just join me at Stitches West and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Don’t believe a word I say about taking a hiatus, it’s the calm before the storm of new yarn acquisition.

I do knit. Lots, even. It just takes less time to buy yarn than to turn it into something useful, and honestly, that’s not my fault. I knit as fast as I can.

I’m no knitting slouch. I repeat knitting motions more often than anyone with OCD washes their hands. I’m not being facetious here, but it has occurred to me that us knitters might have channeled our OCD into knitting, successfully I might add. What other repetitive movement brings this much pleasure? Name one – and crochet does not count, same territory.

Over and over, thousands of stitches, day and night. There are patterns where you’re told how many stitches it takes. You tell me that’s not OCD.

What brought this thought on was last sleepless night. Before closing my eyes, I read a bit, played a game on the iPad a bit, and then thought I could fall asleep. I did in a twilight sort of way. I kept on imagining knitting, then pulling out some stitches and the yarn falling into place in a certain pattern. Over and over and over. It was driving me crazy and kept me from falling asleep. And right then I realized that I’m incorporating knitting into everything I’m doing. Including playing games.

It does not help that I’m making Korknisse for Halloween to give out as favors. So, so many of them. Crochet. Single crochet, over and over and over.


So I’ll keep on hiding under the statements that I’m making hats and gloves and sweaters, and shawls, and withhold the fact I’m doing knit and purl and yarn overs, over and over and over.

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