I have a knitting nemesis: buttons. It doesn’t keep me from making knit items that need buttons, but it keeps me from finishing them. So it can happen that a cardigan for a baby will not be finished until said baby has a baby of their own.

Yes, I know, sounds ridiculous.  Since there is no knitting police, I’m stuck with disciplining myself. Or not, as has happened. Ask Stephen about a couple of sweaters that need the arms sewn in, since the ’80s. Oh yes, there is more than one nemesis with my knitting. It’s a wonder anything gets done at all, you might think.

But then there are days like today. They don’t come around often, so you have to grab them and start rolling. This is what I did. 7 buttons on a baby cardigan that might fit for 7 moments. One button a moment. Crazy, yes, but it’s all love and knitting.


And then when you see a picture of a wee one actually wearing something you made, it’s the proverbial priceless.



The postal carrier brought yarn today. I ordered a few more cables for my interchangeable knitting needles. Yes, it’s to be able to start even more projects before finishing the other ones. Bad, bad, bad, I know. But it’s my life….

I saw a skein of yarn on sale, half price, made of wool and silk. Resistance was futile.


And no one reading this should roll their eyes right now, because you never know what will be up for the next prize drawing.

Except for finishing touches, a.k.a. buttons, I’m done with my holiday knitting. From now on out, it’s fun stuff. Well, it’s always fun, but now it’s free of deadlines and matching colors and projects to people, etc. You know, goal-oriented knitting, now I only have to worry about the path, and not even that if I choose. As Stephen might tell me: have at it!


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