Often I work on several knitting projects at a time. This year I’ve been focused on socks only. OK, yesterday I started a baby hat, but even that makes just 2 projects on the needles.

So now that the socks were done today, I get this feeling of loss, feeling disoriented, not knowing where to turn. I pace around the house without a purpose. Every yarn I try to swatch with is wrong, wrong, wrong. At the same time I have no head for a complicated pattern.

Sleeping on it might help. But for now I am a rebel without a cause.

2 Replies to “Postpartum”

  1. I feel your pain. I just finished the second of two little projects yesterday and now I feel lost. I’ll be walking back down to the knitting store shortly. Maybe I’ll make an infant vest. It’s good to have an infant to knit for. Did you decide what you’re doing next? Despite your encouragement, I have not gotten enthusiastic about making socks. Still too hard for me.

    1. so i started another pair of socks. ginna, believe me, it’s easy. you can knit with 5 double pointed needles right? if you start the cuff, i’ll come down and help with the heel. good luck at the store. and yes, little people are good to knit for. it’s the time of year too, i can’t get excited about the december holidays yet.

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