Dishcloth Challenge

Years ago I started making our own dishcloths and never looked back. Our colorful drawer of them brings a smile every time. And Stephen, our main dishwasher, loves them and wouldn’t dream of using anything else.

But we have a supply that will probably outlive us. So no temptation to make more. Except, now I still have all the cotton yarn I would only use for dishcloths. Perhaps woven kitchen towels, but I haven’t tried yet.

So when I saw this dishcloth challenge, I am sure they don’t look at it as a challenge, I couldn’t resist. Every year people start spinning while watching the Tour de France. But I have absolutely no interest in this sport. Though I do love spinning. But dishcloths? Bring it on. And I can stream anything I fancy? Like I said: Bring it on.

Stephen immediately exclaimed: But we don’t need more dishcloths. No problem I said, I’ll give them away. It wasn’t going to be so straightforward: after I made a few, he fell in love and I had him pick two for himself. He chose well.

Stephen’s new dishcloths

As promised, I have more dishcloths to give away, 6 of them. They have seen tons of murders, as that’s what I was streaming. A reminder, these are not potholders, but dishcloths. After a previous giveaway, someone eventually mentioned to me that they’re pretty thin and I had to remind them: dishcloths, not potholders. I understand, because how many people actually have dishcloths?

I’ll give away three sets of two. They are free, and you can pick them up in person. Or if you need me to ship them, I’m asking you cover shipping costs.

So how can you get your hands on them? Make a comment to this post, telling me what you use to wash dishes. No, dishwasher doesn’t count.

I’ll admit, I use sponges with a coarse side for scrubbing. Still, I hope there will be enough interest in them. And let me know which ones speak to you, though no promises.

P.S. They are machine washable, though fade with time, almost antique looking.

9 Replies to “Dishcloth Challenge”

  1. We use sponges but I also have a couple bottle brushes to clean my water containers that are deep. Your dish cloths are beautiful . I’d be delighted to pay for shipping if I am one of the lucky winners. Much love 💕

  2. my Gaga (grandmother/matriarch) would sooo approve! much mote friendly to fine crystal & delicate china teacups than my tuffy scrubber/sponges … & the Best part is I would get to see you if I win 😘

  3. I don’t need dish washing cloths as I make them also. But I just want to encourage those not sure about a dish cloth like these that they’re wonderful to use, soft and functional and such a sensually satisfying feeling to squeeze them out! Honest!

  4. I love the one on the bottom left. I never thought of making them bi-color.
    I enjoy hearing from you. Are you back in NC?

  5. Hi Marianna! I know I’m probably too late, as I just came back from camping with my family at Lassen, which has no cell phone service… Anyway, your dish cloths are lovely! I would love to have one or two of them, if they’re still available, murders and all. My favorite is the one with the diagonal separating the colors. Thank you for your generosity in any case! Cheers, Janie :0)

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