Yeah, yeah, yeah…

Good intentions and all, I just can’t get in the habit of writing this blog. The knitting seems to get in the way. Having finished a sweater for Stephen yesterday I find myself at a loss for a new ‘big’ project. You know, the one I get to buy tons of yarn for, plan, find a pattern, plan, find the right colors, plan, find the yarn, plan….
For now I’ll settle on socks and fingerless gloves etc. little projects. I don’t have enough friends that need fingerless gloves. It has been way too warm in Northern California. If this is a hint of climate change to come, I fear for the knitting industry here.
The pattern of the sweater in the picture has been haunting me for a while. It’s simple, but it was speaking to me, loudly. There is another pattern from a book of Japanese knits I believe that is screaming out loud to be knitted by me. If only I could remember the book…. This is what happens, I’m in the store with Stephen browsing knitting books, finding a pattern or two. I will ask him to write down the name of the books, Stephen is very handy that way, always ready with pen and a tiny piece of paper and tiny handwriting. I would have to search for my glasses first, ask someone for paper and pen, and never find it again in my purse. Stephen has all these little papers in his pockets and ready for me when needed. Except when he releases these papers to me and they are tiny and oh so hard to find again.
Why don’t I buy the books? If there is only one pattern I like it seems sort of an expensive adventure. I look at our library first, then if I find something like it on ravelry. This system works pretty well for me.


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