Wool Stalking

There is some wool yarn that has been stalking me for years after my love affair with it has long gone. 20 plus years later I gave up on ever making the kids little coats. I did not know at the time they would be in their 20s by the time I got around to actually using the yarn, so I had bought way too little.

My go-to item for thicker yarn of which I only have a small quantity is a hat. Now that my repertoire has expanded it might include fingerless mitts. But a few years back a hat it was. There was enough to make many hats but I limited myself to two. Son Toby never wore his and eventually returned it. Husband Stephen was much nicer about it but eventually also complained about the itchiness of the material.

Earlier this year I’ve tried a man shoulder bag that I frogged yesterday and started over. This time it’ll be a felted man bag. But it might have different dimensions from my intentions. I know that felting can change a lot, but this bag is too wide to keep hope alive. I could sew it sideways for a different bag, wider than tall. It is the fashion now, right?

Or I will give up and throw or give the yarn away. Here is a picture of my latest attempt.


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