The Good and the Bad

The good, was really good yesterday, I was able to visit Toby’s workplace. And everyone on his hotshot crew was extremely welcoming. I’ve never met a nicer bunch of guys, brings tears.

They even suggested a picture, and since I was able to hide behind a sign, I was all in.


The next part of the day did not go quite as well. I went to spindle camp, organized by someone in our guild, a retreat at Lake Francis. It started out fine enough, a bunch of women sitting together spinning and having fun. Then to the lake to cool off in the afternoon. Surprisingly the water was just the right temperature for me, a trick not easily accomplished.

As I cautiously, but not cautiously enough, dared walking further and further out into the lake, I slipped. There was this slimy band all around the lake and since one could not see bottom, it proved treacherous to me.

Just slipping would have been fine, but apparently my toes decided to go in various directions instead of the orderly let’s all do this together. And see the picture below to what I think is a broken toe.


Ouch, ouch, ouch.

Today was going to be a work day for me. Going around town and putting up flyers for the Knit-in-Public Day. Instead I have to relax and just hang out and give this foot a rest.

Knitting and spinning is on the agenda instead. Not bad, I only wish I could do this at spindle camp by the lake.

Don’t worry I won’t leave you with this ugly toe image on your mind. Instead check out my latest stash acquisition of Western Sky Knits yarns. I’m acquiring yarn faster than any Ferengi ever thought possible.


And with this image I wish you a wonderful and productive day, if not with knitting then with something equally wonderful you enjoy doing.



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