Swinging Along

No pictures today. I switched computers and am trying to catch up learning this new computer and transferring or migrating all my stuff to here.I could dig deep and embarrass my kids with old photos, but I think I’ll keep my relationship with them.

I’m not one to praise myself but a while ago I took some damn good photos at the Conservatory of Flowers in Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. My guess would be that unless your battery ran out, or you forgot your camera, you’ll get damn good photos.

Want to see?





Yesterday I picked up some goat and sheep poop for our garden from a friend. I can’t wait for the weekend to apply the manure. Who would have guessed I can get excited about shit.

I will not post pictures of the garden yet, there has to be a visible growth spurt before I share.

No knitting in a while. But a buying spree this weekend. With The Birthday coming up, I splurged some and then some and then some…. Perhaps Stephen should change his paypal password.

Some of my purchases should arrive this week and I’ll try to share at least photos with you.

Knit in Public Day coming up! What is everyone involved in for the day? Could I inveigle anyone? I love that word! I want to go around and inveigle everyone! No, I had no idea about this word before but I misspelled involved, a typo, but I had to hit the control key to get the right spelling and there it was, inveigling me, the word inveigle.

And before I totally fall apart, got to go and be productive.

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  1. marianne your pictures of the flowers are beautiful. soo you are a photographer also. some thing to add to your resume. knitter, crochette, gourmet cook, baker, gardener, a speaker created a beautiful web site, a good yarn shopper. your husband is a lucky man to have such a talented friend. i can say the about myself lucky to find you as a very dear friend. love you

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