Gardening Season

This has been the craziest year yet weather wise. I’m not sure what season we’re in, what plan we’re following, or what next week will bring. Resistance seems futile, so I float along. Or do any of you actually have this figured out? What to plant when? When to do what? What to wear next week? Thought so.

Waiting was my first response, just wait until the weather has figured itself out. But the tomato seedlings, or pepper seedlings, or cucumber seedlings, or whatever else I could not resist, they don’t want to wait anymore.

As usual I buy early and plant late. That has to do with having a low resistance threshold and very, very immature planning capabilities. The best garden ever was when my friend Julie took charge. Oh, you should have seen my garden then. Beans taller than me! Everything green, green, green. Now, I seem to aim for brown.

Having absolutely no green in my thumb, I stumble through the growing season. Mostly stumbling to our farmer every week so as not to starve. I better keep on working on my knitting skills because after the apocalypse that is all I have to trade for food.

You’d think I know better and save my money for our farmer instead of organic compost, seedlings, organic fertilizer, rototiller guy, etc. Not to forget all the time and work Stephen puts into the garden following my directions. Have I ever had a return of my investment? Nooooooooooo. Except that year with Julie.

Not about to change my habits that late in my life, after all I turn 60 this year (Yikes!), we made the trip to the local garden center after rototilling the whole yard. That was another not so smart idea. While the kids grew up we had half lawn and half garden. I’m also not the greatest to keep anything watered, so calling it a lawn might be a bit exaggerated. After kids moved out I finally with the help of a friend, removed the lawn. Ok, to be honest, she did the work. Now I have no lawn nor anything else there but mostly weeds. A blank canvas I shouted. Ha, I can’t draw either.

So here see a picture of said blank canvas. Garden on the very left behind the compost. What used to be grass now brown with lavender in the middle. I can do lavender:


So what have I done with this canvas? Picture tells all:


What? You can’t see the zucchini and peppers? This part of the yard needs building up. Not sure if it’s me who will be doing it though. This year is a test run to see if anything can grow under the pines.

A little better, not by much, is the garden area. Last night Stephen did some digging and I did some planting:


And then there is my little tomato circle:


As you can see I can use help. Speak up and come on over if you’re a neighbor of mine.

It has only taken 20 years but the azalea finally bloomed.


Knitting news is dismal. Socks and dishcloths is all I can work on at the moment. Ideas are percolating though.

What has kept me busy is working on the web site for our fiber guild. I love doing that work, but it takes hours and then the hours turn into days and weeks, you get the idea. I decided on a wordpress site. WordPress, these folks are geniuses. And open source? These folks deserve our donations making our lives so much easier and beautiful. Just brilliant.

If you want to peek at what I have done so far, and done is not a word I should even use as I constantly make changes, here is a link to the Foothill Fibers Guild.

Now that I showed you my embarrassment of a garden, take it as an inspiration and get out there and plant something.


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