This Is Hard

Me, who has something to say about everything and anything, is speechless. How did this happen? Blogging is not easy I tell you.

First there is life that constantly gets in the way. Life that is not interesting enough to blog about. Do you really want to hear how not dealing with the garden in fall makes triple the work in spring now? Go and have the last laugh, yes, I’m paying for taking it easy back then.

You want to hear about my frustration of not being able to control myself? I don’t get it. I want to control everything and everyone that comes into my life, yet I fail with myself.

The list goes on and on and if I were a good writer I would give three examples. But I’m not and I don’t care. No need to undress myself any further in public.

Since this blog is very much fiber focused I should tell you lots of news since I have been knitting. One of the loveliest knits around is the Derecho by Laura Aylor. Though it’s big and work, it flew off the needles, so much so, I was very tempted and still am of making another one. I got over it though. Here is a picture in the making of it. Unfortunately we either had gray days or I was busy in the yard and forgot to take pictures. But this one gives a pretty good idea of what it is about: stripes.


Instead I bought a new pattern: Hitchhiker by Martina Behm. This was a pattern I was never, ever going to make since everybody and their aunt had made it. I’m a late-bloomer, there is a reason why. Unfortunately I only have the yarn to show for now. I used a Miss Babs Yowza skein, color Berlin, and knit away until I ran out of yarn. Since I am a loose knitter I only got 41 points. What can that mean?

Here’s a picture of the yarn with a picture of the actual object following in the next days when sun allows. I thought I was making this for myself but wanted to have a look at it on another person, usually Stephen at our house. He looked so handsome in it, it will be his.

Yowza - BerlinI’m working on socks, lots of socks. Pictures at a later date, too.

Oh, almost forgot the best part in my life. Though I counted on it solving all my life’s problems, it came close, but no proverbial cigar, perhaps a cigarillo. We went to Ikea to get my yarn shelves. Three of them. You know the ones, shelves with cubicles. I now have a 4 by 4 and a couple of 2 by 4s. The problem is the yarn keeps on falling off the shelves since I pack it all in plastic because of the possibility of dreaded moths. And I must have moths. An item I had not looked at for almost 8 years or more had holes. Who else but moths. But no sign of them, well, except for the holes.

The next purchase was little plastic tubs from Costco that fit into the cubicles. To be honest, to see that much yarn out scared me a little. I’m sure I’ll get over it, but it does incentivize me to use what I have. Of course I will never show that room but to other yarn addicts. And you all keep mum here, ok?! Otherwise I’ll never show you the pictures.

I’m part of a fiber guild in our area and host a knit night on Thursday evenings. That’s a happy making event for me. I’m enjoying it, anticipating it, even with the aftermath of clean-up which I delegate to Stephen. I could say lots about Stephen, and it would all be good. He is superman, so perhaps a knitted cape would be in order. But he is superman with lots of home made socks. That counts.

The fiber guild gets together one Saturday a month for spinning and other joys. Well, I started hosting the other Saturdays for now. I’m sitting around here knitting and spinning most days and it is a joy to get a break from Netflix streaming. Actual conversations I can participate in.


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