2 Year Anniversary

Two years ago my husband Stephen and our kids Liana and Toby were in a waiting room at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento hoping I’ll come out of the bypass surgery alive. And I did. Though much changed.

The last two years have shown improvement, especially in the early phases and disappointments lately. When I was told I would never run a marathon but can have a good life I took this as a challenge.

I never even wanted to run a marathon, I am not a runner. The only time I’ve tried I collapsed giggling and in hysterics with a friend on the grass by the river in Heidelberg.

But tell me I will not run a marathon and I’m ready to run. Not really. I try. Can’t even run a mile. And a one mile marathon is all I’m aiming for here. Not in record speed, mind you. Still, that goal is elusive though I’ve not given up hope. I only need a plan. A plan is similar to a list, it eases the mind and then gets lost.

On the eve, last night, I made this horrible discovery of the sweater. Stressful? Yes, but not as bad as what would happen next. Stephen finally announced that something strange is happening to his eyes, his vision. I shot up and hysterically ordered him to call Kaiser, our health care provider about 45 minutes away. I’ve had a stroke, yes I’m lucky that way, and the first symptom was vision loss that I still have. I tried to explain what it was like for me but he said no and talked about a crescent shape and looking through water with ripples and peripheral vision and all I could think was, damn Stephen is mortal, too.

About half an hour later, this episode ended while on the phone with advice nurse and doctor. They wanted him to come to the ER. We explained our distance and that wifie does not drive and that it’s late and all. They wanted to know our closest non-Kaiser hospital, which is about a 10 minute drive, and we all agreed to call Kaiser back in the morning for an appointment and if this happens again to go to the local ER.

This morning he finds out through a phone call that he had an optical illusion migraine. Nothing really to worry about, but perhaps to come in and get it checked out or at least come in if it happens again. Whew!

I’m ready for a very relaxing, knitting day. Did I mention we had rain? Yes, rain in California. Not enough, but every drop helps. Perhaps we should request that every visitor to this state bring a couple bottles of water as a visitor tax.

Sweater Disaster

I’m still in shock. Knitting shock. Having difficulty finding the words. No one died. Except for this lovely sweater. That sweater died this evening.


Progress was so satisfying, I was so proud (hubris as it turns out), and my knitting heart was so, so happy with this sweater.

I finally allowed myself to turn the pattern page to see if I am anywhere near the armholes. What? Side decreases for sweater shaping? You have to be kidding me. Starting at setup row 7? I mean, take a look, that’s all the way down to the ribbing!

This is not happening. I’ve made many sweaters in the 70s and 80s that had no shaping. I just knit until it was done. A box. Why did knitting have to evolve?

I tried the sweater on Stephen and no matter how I look at it or turn it or pull it lengthwise, this is too wide. It seems to expand as it grows. And remember here that this is knit in the round so you only see half of what I have to frog.

I am a knitter I can deal with this. I can deal with anything. This is not the end of the world. The world is round and I will not fall off.

The only thing worse than having to frog this is frogging it and then seeing I didn’t need to. OK, I can dream. But before frogging I will highlight the pattern and read and reread since I am sure there are other opportunities to screw this up.

It’s time to cast on a new pair of socks as a consolation prize and to calm me down. Perhaps a little yarn shopping? Nah….

Hidden away somewhere is this sweater I started in the 80s and never finished. Can’t remember why, probably only needed seaming which I hated then and still do. It’s the only sweater I left behind. This will not happen to this lovely design. My daughter will wear this on the 24th of December when German Christmas and Hanukkah collide.