This holiday evokes mixed feelings. The bottom line seems to be sugar consumption. Lots of it. I love my sugar, but the health problems associated with it have me looking for alternatives every year.

This year it’s ninjas and witches and cork people. Of course I’ll also offer some kind of sweet treat, most likely little chocolate truffles this year. I better get going on them soon, holidays have a tendency to creep up on me.

The planning and all is fun, but then, I seem to lose steam. Yes, that includes holiday knitting. You don’t have to tell me, I know it’s coming up, and what with the sweater not working out and all.

We don’t have that many kids anymore in the neighborhood so it’s trick-or-treating lite. 50 or 60 little witches and ninjas and gnomes should last all night. And just in case you find yourself with more time than 24 hours a day, here are the patterns and you too can be the old neighborhood crochet lady.

Yes, I did say crochet. There are ways to make them knit, but such tiny little things on many needles is too fidgety for me. Crochet then it is. Click on this blog where someone has taken the simple cork people to new heights or knights.

There is a picture of the ninjas I copied. The actual pattern is here where many more tempting projects are begging for your time.