Where Are Them Glasses?

On the library steps I had a moment of panic. Did I leave my glasses at the post office where I just came from? Oh well, Stephen is with me, he can help the blind woman.

The book I expected to be on hold was nowhere on the hold shelf. What happened? Did I really wait that long to pick the book up? And what was the name of the book again? OK, think marianna, you can do this. Something to do with Alzheimer’s versus everyday memory loss. What could the title be?

Aha, the computer, I sign in to see some sort of history that tells me what I had wanted. How cool is that? And the print is big, very big. And the title? Ahem, “Where Did I Leave My Glasses?” How much better does it get?

The book is hilarious. It lets me accept my memory lapses with some grace and laughter. Recommended for everyone without actual Alzheimer’s. Because if you have Alzheimer’s you’re screwed.


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