Just about now I switch to full panic mode. All good intentions from last year about being prepared for the holidays were not heeded. Or more likely, quickly forgotten at some time during summer.

Where are all my knitted gifts? Sure, I made a lot, but mostly for fun without anyone in mind. I made socks and depending how big they got determined the recipient. Our family has all sizes, from 7 1/2 all the way up to 14, and everything in between, so how can I go wrong?

Then throw in baby socks that I make from leftover yarn, socks I have absolutely no use for. And I hope to have no use for them for a while in my family.


Next the cowls. I was on a Zuzu’s Petals pattern binge earlier this year. So far I’ve found 4 of them. One is definitely for me. I love the yarn from the plucky knitter and I love the yellow color. I’m finally old enough to admit that I love yellow.


But mostly I’m flailing about and wondering how fast I can knit and what I can get done before the holidays. I could use several more pairs of socks. Some more Zuzu’s Petals?

But my reality is sadder. Except for Liana and boyfriend there is no one in the family that appreciates a knitted gift. Stephen also excepted. So maybe I do get to relax instead of being swept up in the communal frantic search for the perfect present that no one needs anyway.

I think I talked myself down and can go into this weekend with some calm and start that shawl that has been on my mind.

And talking shawl, I jumped on the Jimi shawlette bandwagon. A very quick knit and it used up another skein from Stitches West. This time it was the Malabrigo Rios. I did make some changes. This is not a shawl but rather a shawlette. I wanted to use all of the two skeins and first made more mesh pattern repeats, and repeated another mesh pattern just before the end. There was some yarn left, what was I to do.



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