The Give-Away

I love tasting different yarns. It’s similar to Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavors, new ones all the time, and how can one just walk on by? It’s one aspect of knitting that feeds an addictive soul. I wants to try them all, my precious!

Knitpicks Chroma yarns were on my got-to-try list. And with the last order, I got a skein in worsted and one in fingering. Here is what draws me to this particular yarn: slow long color changes. I’m a sucker for those. Most of us are.

With the worsted skein I knit up a pair of fingerless gloves.



Very soft yarn, nice colors. I had no intention of having identical gloves, I love them as well as my socks fraternal. And I know something about being a twin/gemini. They are size medium but could stretch to large.

These fingerless gloves are looking for a home. Here’s an idea: a raffle. First I thought only on Facebook, but I would like to give blog readers a chance at winning, too. And if you read both, double chances through double entries.

If you’re interested in winning these fingerless gloves, here is the deal:

I have a few rules.

1. I will only ship within the United States. I don’t have the means to do more. If you are fortunate not to live in this country you could still participate and have this sent to a friend within the United States.

2. I need to know if you’re even interested. The best is you write a comment below this entry, even if all you say is “I’m in.” Or, if you know my email, you can let me know by writing me a note.

3. These are the type of gloves that like hand wash cold, lay flat to dry. High maintenance, I know.

4. Good luck!


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  1. I made a nice blue pair of fingerless gloves that a friend ended up loving, so I gave them to her. Now I don’t have any fingerless gloves. I love these. So count me in your lottery!!

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