Gone, gone, gone, with multi-tasking being one of the first to go. Instead of getting lots of stuff done, it took me a while to notice that I got distracted and ended up doing something completely different. That’s because when I’m on the multi-tasking track, everything I come across is fair game and gets added to the multi part. Nope, does not work if progress is a goal.

Perhaps lists will be the eventual solution. But by the time I get paper and pen I can’t remember what goes on the list. It does not even last for me to set up a document on  the computer. Immediate list block.

I’m not sure what to call this multi that worries me, it’s not tasking, it’s multi-planning perhaps, but no, the word escapes me if there even is a word. So let me describe it. Hypothetically, I invited someone for dinner in a few days. Though it’s a few days away, I can’t concentrate on anything else. Start another project? No, dinner is coming up. Until that dinner, life is passing me by.

This happens with anything I planned for the future. I need to get it over with to resume natural everyday life. There has to be a word for this disability, yes? OK, several not so nice words come to mind, but I’m talking a word that can be found in the DSM. And I need to get over it because there are times it becomes paralyzing.

I’ve always had a bit of a problem with planning ahead. As the day of an event looms I get anxious. Then I don’t want to go, as it was a stupid idea. Then I fall apart and make everyone around me miserable, and only then do I go and usually have a great time. I know there’s a word out there for this behavior and it just might start with an a.

What’s strange, I can go at the drop of a what is it? Hat? At the drop of a hat? Or is it at a drop of a bucket? Or a drop into the bucket? You know.

Example and proof. Stephen won tickets to see Explosions in the Sky at 11 am and we were out the door within a few hours to head to San Francisco and the concert. See, I’m good at spontaneity, but suck at plans. 

Something we need to get over with, a joyful event, so it’s not in the way, is another giveaway. For this one, you need an open mind. It took me a while to get behind the concept.

What do you use to wash your dishes? Smart aleck, not the dishwasher. I mean what do you use to wash your dishes by hand? There are always a few items you don’t put in the dishwasher or you use something to wipe the counter with.

No judgment here, but do you use a sponge, a dishcloth, or for some purposes a paper towel? I’m a sponge person, Stephen a dishcloth guy. So we have both. And have lived happily side by side for years. The sponges and dishcloths and humans.

Until the knitting took over my life. And though I promise never to knit a washcloth for myself, even this resolution might get broken. In the meantime I’m a dishcloth fiend. I love making them and using them. And Stephen is totally behind the concept and in dishcloth heaven.

Long intro, I know, but this time I’m giving away dishcloths to convert one person if they’re not a dishcloth lover yet. While you wrap your head around it for a day, I’ll be back tomorrow for the details.


On the knitting front, there is a little progress on the cowl. I mostly like working on it in the evenings while streaming some show.


In the daytime I like starting new projects. Like yesterday. Is it recognizable yet?



And did I mention that I knit another Zuzu’s Petals cowl? I used one skein of Malabrigo Rios yarn that our Ben Franklin carries. Why do I love this pattern so much? Many reasons. One, it even fits a person with hardly any neck, like me, and it still looks good. In fact, it suggests a neck where there isn’t one. Also, it stays put, no re-slinging that scarf when it falls off the shoulders. It knits up very quickly, and it takes very little yarn, one skein worsted or one skein sport weight. Need I say more?



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