Holiday Season

I love the lights, love the bustling about of shoppers, as long as I can stay on the outside looking in, and tolerate and eventually hate the music.

Most of my holiday gifts are either handmade or bought long ago when I knew this is exactly what you would like.

Here is my thought of how to enjoy this holiday season/spirit without having to consume. I’ll go to the mall. With friends. And knit. We’ll plop ourselves right in the middle of the bustle and knit and talk and absorb, but only the good spirit.

Is that possible?

I have mentioned this before, but every year the memory comes back and I love repeating it. A few years ago as I walk joyfully and full of enthusiasm and good spirit through the Mannheimer Weihnachtsmarkt, and the heck with it, I’m stealing these images to show you the place of the crime.


And this one from Dominik Rossbach / Stadtmarketing Mannheim GmbH



and some more


just one more from Mannheim


and Heidelberg


During the Holidays in Heidelberg.


I’m sure glad the area I’m from knows how to turn on the lights;-)

Back to the story. As i’m walking on cloud 11 through the market, I hear a guy say to another guy while passing by me: “Every year, the same shit.” It was like a cold shower.

It could have been me saying that, while living in Germany. But seen from a distance, almost outside, I found it all marvelous.



2 Replies to “Holiday Season”

  1. Heidelberg looks so beautiful during the holidays. Magical. I love the lights. I used to have a postcard collection of places by night, all illuminated in the darkness. I shouldn’t have given it away to my daughter’s preschool’s fundraiser. NC does look pretty in the winter darkness.

  2. it was for a good cause ginna. how many did you have? and how about starting a new collection? or is that not done at our age?

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