Sleepless in Nevada City

I could complain, but I should know better. I don’t fall asleep easily under the full moon. I’ve known this now for how long? But do I pay attention? Nooooooo. I go right to bed, don’t fall asleep, realize it’s a full moon, then play games, read every news story online in English and German, read all the blogs I like, check online order status of various purchases, check Facebook, read a little in a book, and repeat the above just in case there is something new. I know, I know, being in front of an electronic screen does not help with the falling asleep process. But not wanting to wake up Stephen, I like keeping the light off. That only leaves the iPad or getting up. And I’m way disconnected from being upright by now that it’s not an option anymore.

Next month I’m planning on a full moon pajama party knit night going until the last one of us is too tired to hold any needles. We’ll see if this comes off the ground.

My yarn purchase yesterday was acrylic yarn for an Alice’s Embrace shawl for Stephen’s mom. Since she’s allergic to wool, or was at some point in her life, and her husband does the laundry and probably has never heard of hand wash knit items, I think acrylic is a good choice here. Plus, I’ve been lusting after those big skeins of cheap yarn.

Progress is amazing. I feel like Alice in Wonderland knitting with those number 13 needles and chunky yarn. But it’s also tiring moving the big needles around when one is used to number 2s.

OK, OK, here is a picture of the shawl so far. All 43 cm or 17 inches of it.