Postpartum Dilemma

When I get toward the end of a knitting project I start getting postpartum depression. At that time I often put down that knit and start another one. Probably for the second and third time. Don’t even think it, but yes, by that time I have also already ordered yarn to lift the mood or whatever else needed feeding.

This is how my wips grow from knitting project to knitting project and my stash grows exponentially. 

What I don’t understand about myself is that when a project is actually finished which means all ends woven in, kitchener stitch finished socks, blocking done, buttons sewn on, etc. I feel wonderful and accomplished. Next thing that happens, I feel I’m owed a reward and go yarn and pattern hunting. 

So, I increase stash if I do and I increase stash if I don’t. 

It’s a vicious cycle I can’t seem to break. The question poses itself if I should break it. 

This winter when our daughter comes to visit I’ll just have to make sure she keeps on knitting. She usually does when visiting but then not when she’s away from here. But since her inheritance will be a huge yarn stash that I need to protect beyond death, I need to work on her.

Should I suggest a new girlfriend that knits to our son? Nah…. that seems like going too far. He loves the one he has, and so do we, though she’ll never be the knitting type.  

Is it too late to adopt? I mean I’m 60 and more suited to be a grandmother than a mother. Plus, I didn’t produce avid knitters the first time around with my biological offspring.

What a dilemma. And what a joyous first world problem!