The Modern Dilemma

Too many times I’ve found myself in a situation where I have to choose recycling, repurposing or throwing out. It’s a matter of clutter.

Let me explain this with an example. Let’s take candles. I love candles, I have tons of candles. Most candles burn to the bottom, but many leave you with a stump. I bet most people throw this out. I’ve done that. But then I started collecting these stumps and after collecting enough had an afternoon of candle making. It’s not a matter of money. It’s not wanting to waste, with a little fun thrown in.

I have a box of candle-making ingredients. But it has been sitting there for a while now and gets moved around during every attempt at order. Of course, one box of candle-making ingredients doesn’t fill the house. But there’s a box for everything one can save and eventually repurpose.

Rearranging the house puts me in the position of having to make lots of these decisions. I’m a gemini, I get to have both opinions and feelings. Save, throw out, save, throw out, ad nauseum. You would think I have this figured out by now, not so.

I might live and consume like a first worlder, but then I find myself on my own trash heap looking for anything usable.

Creativity can be a hindrance, too. A paper bag with handles gets envisioned as a gift bag after a picture is glued to the front of it. Really, you’re going to do that Marianna?

Yes, I will, because I also saved the cool pictures from the Middle East Children’s Alliance and they would fit perfectly. What else would I do with them?


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