Fear of Finishing

Let’s face it, putting the last touches on anything is pretty annoying for most of us. I assume there are some people out there who live for that, Martha Stewart might be one of these people, and for all I know she’s the only one in this category. The rest of us are wannabe finishers.

For me that goes as far back as, well, college. It might have happened earlier, but memory fails me there. So what did I do with college? Called it quits with one semester left. I’m not going to bore you with the details and not all of them were under my control, but there are too many other examples not to see the pattern.

Almost 10 years ago I had the brilliant idea of putting down my own flooring. That went well until the finishing touches. Again, not totally under my control, I lacked the right saw to cut the final panels, I also lacked a nail gun to drive the baseboards in tight. But I did my best.

I enthusiastically jump into many projects until a bump comes along and I give up. Come on, I did most of the work and had the inspiration to begin with, isn’t that enough?

Unfortunately this translates uncannily into the realm of knitting. I love starting projects, nothing pleases me more. Just like the first pages of any notebook, so crisp and pristine and full of good intentions. When the final pages are reached or the ends need weaving in, the button band needs adding, the seams, well, you have me there. This is when I start looking forward to the next notebook full of new possibilities and intentions, the knitting gets placed in its plastic protective bag where it can languish for a long, long time. Just like my floors.


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