Dear Neck

and other body parts. We have to come to an agreement if we plan to keep on living together. I’ll try to treat you nicer and you keep down the noise. Agreed?

Neck, I’m especially talking to you. The last few days you’re acting like you forgot how to hold up a head. You’ve done it the last 60 years, come on, did you forget? Am I not treating you right? Talk to me in other modes than pain please. I’m willing to listen. If you throw this pain my way you make it difficult for me to listen, all I want to do is scream and take pain pills.

And Back, thank you. 5 weeks of pain was enough and I got the message. But you, too, please don’t come down crashing so hard on me, gentle reminders will do it. And Back, one more thing, that drip water system needed to be put in. And yes, it involved lots of bending down and all and yes, you’re 60 now, but come on, give me a little slack.

Neck, you did see what I made for you, right? Isn’t it lovely? So start treating me that way. And please do stretch a little instead of hiding between my shoulders, the shawl will look so much better that way. You know, the way Toby does it. He is a role model to all necks around the world.




This was an interesting pattern. Like with most patterns that say read through the directions first, I ignored these words and headed right to cast on. I mean what could go wrong? I can knit and purl and do yarn overs and cast on and off. I can knit 2 together, even through the back loop. I can weave in the ends, I might not like it, but I can do it.

I did read enough about the pattern to know I might not have enough yarn. So I improvised and reversed main and contrast colors at some point.

Then I came to the part of changing directions in knitting. I can do that, too. But the math seemed wrong somehow. I did what I do best in times of trouble, eyes squeezed shut I knit on, one row at a time. If I follow the directions all should be fine. Most of the time this works, not always just mostly, but I have to give it a try. It worked this time. I now realize my math mistake, but calculating while knitting is not my strong point.

What has me flabbergasted is all the yarn I have left over. And I did recount the repeats and am good there. I don’t knit too tight, so that’s not an explanation either. For now I’ll have to let that one go and enjoy the shawl.

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