In California we’re living with a drought. Showers are often far in between. I don’t get out all that often, so I don’t mind waiting to shower for a day or two. And beyond walking a couple of miles every morning I’m not breaking my back or a sweat. Just a little when knitting frustration comes along. So when Stephen walked into the house with a friend we had not seen for 100 years it was embarrassing and wonderful!

I’m waiting for my next surprise because I’m all showered and freshly clothed now. Bring ’em on. It was so, so good having that instant connection again. And she knits!

Do I need to say more? I got to show her all my latest knitting and we looked at each other’s ravelry pages. How crazy is that? And the have yous and did yous and on and on. I think I didn’t let her talk. I was overflowing. She was a good sport.

And now I’m reading her blog. And I’m liking it. And I have frogged the socks several times now today and am starting over again. Did I say she knits? I look differently at knitters. No, no, I’m not saying we’re better. There is a sisterhood or brotherhood or is it a knitterhood?

I’m still 60 and hating it. When I have to communicate with someone who has never seen me before I feel like explaining that my 60 is nothing s/he can imagine. I listen to the Pixies and dance and would still go into a mosh pit for a few moments and take my pants off at a Muse concert, not.

I’m not my grandmother’s 60. I’m my 60 and still not liking it. 60 defines me more than my massive heart attack or bypass surgery. Life is strange. Knitting makes sense. Did I say she knits?

The shawl for the mother-in-law is finished. Birthday coming up soonish. I’m ready. I made the Alice’s Embrace but used half the amount of yarn asked for. How could that be? Acrylic Marble yarn with number 13 needles makes a generous 20 inches by 60 inches shawl. Did I miss something? Probably, but all is good.

Have a look:



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