The Story of a Hat

It all started with a sweater pattern I fell in love with. I also loved the yarn and with a fortunate coincidence found myself in Oakland at a store that sells the yarn the sweater was made of. Getting Brooklyn Tweed shelter yarn without ordering online is not a small feat, believe me.

Since the yarn did not convince me to make the sweater I love, I bought some anyway and decided on a hat. It was going to be a two birds with one stone thing, though I would never kill a bird, let alone throw stones at a bird. But I would get to test knit the yarn with a pattern of Jared Flood’s. 

The hat is big, I knit loosely. And I made the ribbing a bit longer. Probably unnecessary. Stephen just came back from a walk and reports it itches ever so slightly but only once in a while. 

This might be my first finished cable item. Let’s pretend there are no mistakes and what you see is design elements added by me. I actually signed up for a cable class with craftsy because it is my belief hope that there is a shortcut to cabling.

DSC 0003







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