I started many times to write on the topic of vaccinations and I give up. We did not vaccinate or selectively vaccinated our children. This article from Slate someone posted on Facebook had me wanting to vent, not so much about vaccinations but the big whine fest.

My first response was: Oh, Cry me a river. Growing up in the 50s I had all those illnesses, except for the quinsy one. That was a part of growing up then and my childhood wasn’t the worse for it.

My second response was, but who am I to judge. After all, I didn’t lose anyone to one of the illnesses that can be prevented by vaccines. Nobody I knew died. And how would I feel if someone did? And forbid it having been one of my children.

Next I read the comments. All in support of vaccinations. Except for one who mentions that it’s difficult to discuss vaccinations as the pro vaccination folks immediately resort to name calling. I thought it a bit provocative, but, hey….

Exactly as predicted, the names started rolling out. Wow, really? You’re going to prove the point? It went downhill from there, suggestions of locking up unvaccinated children and adults. It seems to follow a prescribed pattern nowadays and I don’t know why I even read comments anymore.

I looked at death rate statistics (this link is not working this moment, but I’ll leave it up in case it’s just a maintenance problem) of unvaccinated children in the U.S. and was pleasantly surprised.

Conclusion: These are our children and most of us do what we think is best for them.

P.S. Bridget from cardholder services is calling again. I was getting worried that something had happened to her. After all we all felt like strangling her at one point or another.


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